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Thredgards - The Environment

Thredgards’ commitment to maintaining a low impact on the environment is high on our list of priorities. Our business is to give our customers the products they need and we recognise that this must not come at a high cost to the world we live in. Our certification in ISO14001: 2004 shows our commitment to reducing our impact via our management and production systems.

We have begun a programme of major phased investment, replacing our injection moulding machines with environmentally friendly versions requiring less power to run them. This investment will ensure that our operations are modern and fit for purpose for many years to come.

We recycle all of our plastic waste on site, granulating and re-using it for various products and processes.

We source our raw materials and packaging from environmentally conscious companies and in turn we continue to recycle our cardboard and paper locally (see: recycleit.org.uk) limiting our waste going to landfill to an absolute minimum.

Thredgards has signed up to Operation Clean Sweep, an Environmental programme to reduce the build up of plastic pellets and hurdles which are polluting our seas and land. Please see our case study here

Visitors to our premises are always impressed that our heating system is run virtually from fresh air using an external heat pump with minimal electricity.

We introduced our Bio-Compostable LDPE products some time ago and continue to offer this option. When these products come into contact with soil e.g. at landfill, they degrade over a 4 to 5 year period. Please feel free to ask us about these products for more information.

With the combination of all of the above environmental measures along with our UK based manufacturing, you can be assured that the products you receive have a minimal carbon footprint.

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