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Food Packaging

Thredgards has expanded its area of operations to include food packaging material and achieved Grade A certification, meeting the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

We now produce food packaging products, in our clean area, on site here in our factory, using state of the art injection moulding machines
and robotics, ensuring that safe, hygienic, high quality products are manufactured to customers specifications and requirements.

Annual evaluations are carried out by an external certifying body, ensuring that we continue to meet the very high standards set by BRC.

If you have a requirement for a food grade packaging product, we would be very happy to discuss this with you. We are sure we can provide you with a cost-effective, suitable solution. We are happy to work with you at the design stage and onwards to ensure that the most effective manufacturing design is achieved for your needs.

Isoqar Brc packaging certificated
Cert 10060
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